Take a Picture

As you live in your space or work in your office you begin to have blinders on for certain areas, piles or messes.  I often suggest that you have a friend or   family member come in to the space and help you see things through a fresh set of eyes.  Another way of  doing this is to take a picture (or video) of your space.  Then look at it very carefully.  I bet you will see things in a whole new way!  Don’t get too comfortable in your “stuff” make sure to shake things up so you can see what really needs to be done.

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Easy to Access Frame

picture frameSometimes we are unorganized because the products we have are difficult to use.  Do you ever go to change a picture in a picture frame and fight with the frame until you give up?  There is now a frame that has a hinged door that makes changing a photo so much easier!  It can even hold up to 50 different pictures so you can rotate the items quickly and   easily.  It is called the Li’l DaVinci Art Frame.  One of the places you can find it is at www.theorganizedparent.com 

Great for school work as kids go back to school!

Restoring Damaged Photos

Recently I have been working with several clients on getting their photos organized and simplified– decades and decades of photos.  Some are even from the early 1900’s!  Often the pictures we come across are damaged and/or faded.    Gratefully, I have found a service that does photo restoration and wanted to share it with you.  There are several great  examples of the kinds of restoration they offer on their  website– check it out, they do great work!

Photo Restoration and Retouching



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