Time Timer

Do you struggle with time management? 

Do you lead or attend meetings at work?

Do you have kids?

Do you give presentations?

There is a great clock on the market that counts down time and displays it at the same time.  This makes it very visually obvious how much time you have left for any given activity.  Great for showing kids how long they need to work on homework.  Great for meetings to keep the agenda on time.  Great for knowing how much time left in your organizing session.

To learn more visit www.timetimer.com

Fridge Shelf

fridge shelfI used to struggle with getting the items from the back of the fridge shelf.  Or I would forget that something was back there until it started to smell.  But then I purchased this nifty shelf from the Miles Kimball company.  I love it!  It sure makes containing the smaller items so much easier.   It is called the EZ Slider Refrigerator Drawer. 

Click here to learn more.