Desktop Timer for Your Computer

Are work tasks taking forever?  Do you lose track of time and end up getting nothing done?  Try this downloadable timer for your computer.  It is a great timer or stopwatch.  Try these 2 tasks: 

1) time yourself the next time you are working on something to see how long it actually took you to complete

2) set the timer for say 20 minutes and check in with your progress when time is up– great for power focusing on tasks

When your time is up it will either play a noise, close an   application, open an application, etc. It’s a simple download that runs in the background.  Great for increasing  productivity!  Give it a try:

Desk Distractions

In order to be productive at work (or at home) you need to have a good, clean desk on which to work.  Consider      eliminating these items from your workspace:

¨ Things you used to like but don’t anymore

¨ Desk “accessories” that aren’t

¨ Excess anything (paper, pens, coffee cups)

¨ Piles (of anything)

¨ Food and drinks

¨ Make-up, lotions, chapstick, etc.

¨ Knick-knacks

¨ Multiple pictures

¨ Office supplies you are hoarding

¨ Books, magazines, reference materials

¨ Bags, purses, containers

¨ Anything that distracts from your overall productivity

 Many of these tips came from Meggin McIntosh: check out her many other great resources at