Organize Your Home Office Day

March 9th is “National Organize Your Home Office Day”  which is funny because I just organized mine last week! (A few new decorative pieces, a new clock and a new desktop organizer.)   I thought I would share a great website .  It is owned and operated by a Professional  Organizer who knows what people truly need to get organized.  Here are few great products from the site.  Happy Office Organizing!  (Let me know what area of your office you organize this week and how it goes!)

Ziploc Container

Here is a great way to literally think outside the box.  Ziploc has come out with a new food container that has divided sections.  Yes great for your sandwich and chips, I agree.  But also great for: 

  • crafts
  • art supplies
  • sewing kit
  • hair clips
  • office supplies
  • drawer organizers
  • nuts, bolts, screws, nails, etc.  

Remember we can often use items for other than they are intended.  Check them out:


CardbulterI know many people are very visual.  I also know that many of my clients don’t know what to do with the business cards they get and need to follow up on.  I usually recommend a card scanner (ScanSnap  is a good one) –  but I found this product called the Cardbutler and think it is also a good  solution.You can find it at it is called “The cardbutler rotating desk organizer”   IDEA:  You could even use this for your to-do’s for the day,  writing them on an index card.   ♦ 425-785-5239 ♦   Follow me on TWITTER     @Staceyorganizes