Fun Email Challenge

Here is a fun challenge for you—set a timer for 20 minutes and delete as many emails as you can.  Remember: 

DO it now

DELETE it as soon as you can

UNSUBSCRIBE from what you are not reading

BE HONEST with yourself if you really need to keep it 

You wouldn’t put all of your papers into one file folder and place it on your desk– why are you trying to do that with your email inbox? 

Note:  You should be able to delete emails older than 6 months. (Set your own limits but this is a good guideline)


#3: Set Limits- 1 in 1 out

Many of you have seen the shows about Hoarding and thought you are not that bad.  But trust me, if you continue to bring items into your home/office and don’t take anything out…. soon you will have a gigantic mess.  BEFORE you purchase items– set limits for how many you will keep in your space.  Stick to these limits.  This includes paper– when you put something in the file, take the old one out.  Remember you want on the most current, most used, most loved items in your space.  Setting limits will help you and others in your space to know the rules. Try getting rid of an item each time you bring a new one in > 1 in 1 out.