Free Shredding Events

Live in Washington State and looking for a shredding event to shred your papers for FREE?  Check out this site for dates and locations: 

If you don’t live in Washington, Google shredding events in your area.  Many will let you shred 4-5 boxes for free

What to Shred from

shredding1—Obsolete financial records, including loan applications

—Pre-approved credit card applications

—Personal medical records or physician statements

—Correspondence and tax preparation worksheets

—Receipts for purchases

—Bank statements

—ATM receipts

—Credit card statements

—Cancelled checks

—Mail and old records

—Utility bills

—Credit card charges

—Insurance forms

—Investment transactions

—Expired charge cards

—Mailing labels from magazines

—Pay stubs

—Old driver’s licenses or passports

—Expired insurance and membership cards

—Any documents that may contain Social Security numbers, birth dates, your mother’s maiden name and any account numbers or online passwords