#6: Keep 1 Small Spot Organized- Always

Find a spot in your home or office and organize it.  Now make it your life’s mission to keep that one small spot clean and organized at all times.  Don’t worry about anywhere else, just that one spot.  You know what happens?  You gain confidence and feel successful and that makes you want to organize another area.  Remember our last tip: small steps equal large gains.  Don’t feel you have to keep an entire area organized> too much pressure.  Just work on that one spot until you have the skills, the time and the success.  Then move to another spot when you know you can maintain.  And as your organizing remember the other tips—having a home, creating the habit, set limits, contain items, etc.  You can do it I know you can, just focus on that one small spot~

#5: Small Steps = Large Gains

“Today I am going to organized the garage”- what a huge undertaking that will be!  Rather than looking at the entire area or project as a whole, break it up into smaller sections.  Time yourself for 30 minutes– when you are done: stop.  Or pick just one drawer or one box to go through– then stop.  Many of us feel if we don’t complete the entire project we have failed> set yourself up for success by scheduling time each day/week to do part of the project.  As you complete the sections you will feel success and want to keep going. There is no organizing rule that says you have to do everything in one day.  Smaller, more manageable   sections will be easier to commit to and easier to finish.  

What small area will you work on today?

Holiday Organizing Help

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#3: Set Limits- 1 in 1 out

Many of you have seen the shows about Hoarding and thought you are not that bad.  But trust me, if you continue to bring items into your home/office and don’t take anything out…. soon you will have a gigantic mess.  BEFORE you purchase items– set limits for how many you will keep in your space.  Stick to these limits.  This includes paper– when you put something in the file, take the old one out.  Remember you want on the most current, most used, most loved items in your space.  Setting limits will help you and others in your space to know the rules. Try getting rid of an item each time you bring a new one in > 1 in 1 out.

#2: Put Things Back- Create The Habit

Now that you have a home established for everything the next step is to actually put the items away in their homes.  Don’t wait for later or “when you have time” clean up as you go.  It is much easier to do a small amount as you go than to wait for a large clean up later on.  If you create the habit of putting things away where they belong, finding them when you need them becomes much easier!

Track Your Time

For many people, trying to lose weight can be  difficult.  One of the most successful ways people have found to lose those extra pounds has been to write down EVERYTHING they eat for the day.   Because you don’t often realize until you write it down, how many little things you had- and a few extra calories can really add up!  I would like you to try the same thing for time management.  We don’t realize how much time we really waste during the day, or how long tasks actually take.  Rather than guessing or struggling: for one day I want you to write down EVERY activity you do and how long it took.  I think you will be surprised at some of the results!

5 Organizing Myths

1) Only touch paper once (that is truly impossible)

2) If I buy a container I will magically be organized (you have to do the work)

3) Once I create a system it will last forever (it may need updating or tweaking along the way)

4) I don’t have the organizing ‘gene’ so I can’t be  organized (it may take you longer and require more patience but you can do it)

5) Organization is boring and doesn’t allow for creativity (organizing can be fun, colorful and allow for creativity in your space)

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Reasons For a Clean Desk

1. You can get work done

2. You are less distracted and can focus on whatever deserves your focus.

3. Others perceive you as “taking care of business” (whatever that ‘business’ is). 

4. You can find what you’re working on.

5. Your peace of mind increases.

6. Clutter creates chaos and you don’t want a desk that says you are in chaos.

7. An orderly desk is easier to keep clean (physically) when you don’t have to clean around piles and messes.

8. You won’t have to apologize for your workspace.

9. The likelihood of things getting lost or buried decreases dramatically. 

10. When you walk into your office and the desk is neat, clean, and orderly, you feel great! 

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by Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D. | The Ph.D. of Productivity™

Are You Addicted to Technology?

  • Do you sleep with your iphone/Blackberry near you?
  • Do you text/email while sitting across the table from someone?
  • Can you work without your email being open?
  • Can you turn the TV/computer off in the evenings and just relax, read– enjoy the night?
  • Does your family/staff text you rather than come talk to you or call you?
  • Do you get headaches, neck pain, sore thumbs at the end of the day?




Take the 1/2 day challenge: 


Reconnect with the world and the people around you by turning off your email, phone, computer, gaming system for 5 straight hours.  See what you can get   accomplished or who you can reconnect with! 

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Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Where do you keep your gift cards?  Can you even find them?  Are they expired?  Today I challenge you to locate all of the gift cards and gift certificates you have.  Find out if they are still valid.  Then find a HOME for them, one place you know they will always be and that you can find when you need them.  I recommend putting them in your wallet or car, as that is where you will most likely be using them.   Then treat yourself to something fun with one of your cards.