Realistic Expectations

The third lesson I learned from my recent knee surgery is to set realistic expectations.  The doctor told me I would be up and going in a few days, so I had clients scheduled the next week.  Well guess what?  My knee had other plans and it took over a week for the swelling to go down and for me to be able to walk.  I had to cancel my clients and felt horrible.  With anything you do– make sure to set realistic expectations and be sure to set in a buffer for any possible problems.  I should have known better, but as with most of you I thought I could cram it all in no problem.  Trust me, it is much easier to plan for the longer time frame and be surprised to finish early rather than overbook yourself and let people down.

Track Your Time

For many people, trying to lose weight can be  difficult.  One of the most successful ways people have found to lose those extra pounds has been to write down EVERYTHING they eat for the day.   Because you don’t often realize until you write it down, how many little things you had- and a few extra calories can really add up!  I would like you to try the same thing for time management.  We don’t realize how much time we really waste during the day, or how long tasks actually take.  Rather than guessing or struggling: for one day I want you to write down EVERY activity you do and how long it took.  I think you will be surprised at some of the results!

Have you ever spent countless phone calls or several back and forth emails trying to coordinate schedules with another person?  Perhaps a colleague, friend,   employee or volunteer?  Then you have to check out!!  It allows you to put down the times you are available so everyone can see, add their own times and confirm a date without all the back and forth stress.  It is a true gem for saving time and  making appointments.

Time Management

clockWe spend 80% of our time on things that are trivial and not helpful to our overall goals.  Have you ever ‘surfed the net for research’ rather than doing that big project that is due?  Or called a friend rather than organizing your files?  We tend to put off what we don’t like to do, feel is too difficult or that we have had a tough time with in the past.  This is a great YouTube video that will help you realize— do the big,  difficult, important things first and you will have more time to do everything you really want to do.

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