Your Desk – Tips for Home or Work

A desk is a place to get work done, not just to store your “stuff”.  Raise your computer monitor off the desk with a shelf or monitor riser to give added room.  Only store the necessary items on your desk: stapler, pens, tape, in/out box, phone and the like.  Files, books, magazines and reference materials should be filed in drawers or proper shelving.  Knicknacks should be kept to a bare minimum, remember you are there to work. Take the time to tame  electrical cords so that you have a clean workspace near your feet and desktop.  Extra office supplies should not take up space on your desk– find a drawer or cabinet to contain them.  For extra storage and space consider wall shelves.


Double Check Your Work

Re– read your emails, check your checklists, make sure you put a stamp on the envelope, mark it of your to-do list….. 

One of the reasons we are not productive and claim to not have enough time in the day is having to do the same work more than once.  Double check what you are doing to make sure you are doing it correctly.  Being in too much of a hurry or multi-tasking can make you do un-needed, extra work.  Do it right the first time and it will save you time.